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Applied Materials Teaming with Central Hudson Gas & Electric to Demonstrate

Applied Materials Teaming with Central Hudson Gas & Electric to Demonstrate Superconducting Fault Current Limiter Technology in New York

A Pocket of Power: The New York State Superconductor Technology Summit

Agnes H. Baker, "A Pocket of Power: The New York State Superconductor Technology Summit," CryoGas International, 51(7), July 2013

Superconducting Magnet Researchers Develop Exciting New HTS Technology

L. Seubert, "Superconducting magnet researchers develop exciting new HTS technology: promising breakthroughs toward a muon collider, more," the Bulletin - Brookhaven National Laboratory, 66(34), October 5, 2012

“I would like to thank SuperPower for providing this promising conductor which offers an opportunity to create record high fields. I am hopeful of many more exciting results to come in near future and believe that we are making a difference.”

High-temperature superconductors change the game

A.L. Robinson and J. Misewich, "Are high-temperature superconductors ready to take on the grid: High-temperature superconductors change the game," MRSBulletin - Energy Quarterly, September 2012, 37(9), p. 798-799

Energy players team up in UH research park

J. Kever, "Energy players team up in UH research park," Houston Chronicle, September 7, 2012, updated September 10, 2012
For many energy companies, the future is in the Eagle Ford Shale or the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico.

Wired for a transformation

B. Nearing, "Wired for transformation," Times Union, September 7, 2012
SCHENECTADY — One of the best ways to conserve electricity is to not waste it before it gets where it can be used. [Read more]

Nexans Installs HTS Tape in SFCL at Boxberg

"Nexans Installs HTS Tape in SFCL at Boxberg," March 24, 2012, Superconductor Week, 26(3), p.3

Superconductors for Whopping Wind Turbines

E. Strickland , "Superconductors for Whopping Wind Turbines," February 2012, IEEE Spectrum
ARPA-E funds work on next-gen superconducting wire 
29 February 2012—The U.S. energy agency devoted to big dreams and blue-sky ideas is funding research on something really big that could stir up that blue sky.

NHMFL's research team generates world-record 35.4 tesla magnetic field

News Release

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), Florida State University 

October 27, 2011

World first use of high temperature superconducting magnets on a tokamak


News Release

Tokamak Solutions

Oxford Instruments

The Czech Technical University in Prague

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