High-temperature superconductors change the game

A.L. Robinson and J. Misewich, "Are high-temperature superconductors ready to take on the grid: High-temperature superconductors change the game," MRSBulletin - Energy Quarterly, September 2012, 37(9), p. 798-799
A quarter century after the Nobel-prize-winning discovery in 1986 of the fi rst “high-temperature superconductors” (HTS), the once heady prospect of transforming the electrical power industry with lossless superconductors operating at liquid nitrogen temperature is no longer a dream. Years of materials research and a suite of highly successful demonstration projects have put HTS not only on the doorstep of the electric power grid but of facilitating its entry into the 21st century, including the increasingly mandatory shift to green, renewable energy. [Read more]
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