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March 30, 2010


Contact: Dag Willén, Assistant Director



Breakthrough in the performance of superconducting cables

A new world record in low AC loss brings long supercables closer to reality. The Dutch distribution‐grid
operator Alliander, the cable developer Ultera® – A Southwire / nkt cables Joint Venture, and the
Technical University of Delft succeed in achieving the ambitious goals of the Dutch HTS cable project.
In a critical experiment carried out in September of 2010, Ultera, Alliander and TU Delft succeeded in
achieving a long‐awaited result, namely to break the barrier of AC losses in HTS cable conductors.
“Our electrical grid will only benefit from superconducting cables if they can be installed in lengths of
5‐10 km” says Senior Consultant Electrical Power Systems, Alex Geschiere, of Liandon – the subsidiary
of Alliander responsible for technical service and upgrades, and continues: “This requires very low
losses – otherwise the cables cannot be cooled. We had set up a goal of 0.2 W/m at 3000 Arms. Only
a year ago, this seemed almost insurmountable, and very few believed it could be reached with
today’s materials.” [Read more]
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