NY business & technology leaders celebrate centennial anniversary of superconductivity

New York business and technology leaders celebrate centennial anniversary of superconductivity 

  • Hold Summit to recognize New York’s leadership and contributions in superconductor technology
  • Superconductor industry an emerging sector in New York’s high tech economy
  • New York Leaders in Superconductivity are honored


SCHENECTADY, New York, August 5, 2011 – Business leaders, public officials and prominent scientist and engineers
from the Capital Region and across New York State today marked the 100th anniversary of the discovery of
superconductivity in 1911. GE, Philips, SuperPower, and IEEE hosted the Second New York State Superconductor
Technology Summit at the Schenectady Museum and Suits‐Bueche Planetarium to celebrate this major milestone.

At the Summit, world‐class speakers from industry, academia, and government discussed the current and future
impact of superconductor technologies. In addition, they explored the State’s unique opportunity to strengthen its
presence in and benefit from business opportunities in superconductor technologies.

“Superconductivity has proven to be vital to many technology sectors, and has the potential to be a major player in
our energy future as we look to make electric transmission more efficient and reliable, and also look to bring
renewable sources into the mix,” said Congressman Paul Tonko, who addressed Summit participants at today’s
event. “The Capital Region is home to cutting edge research on Superconductivity and, as we celebrate the first
100 years, we can look forward to an even brighter future for a high‐tech industry that will play a key role in
powering New York’s economy”

Among the twenty‐three honorees recognized for their work in superconductivity in New York State were Dr. Ivar
Giaever, 1973 Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of tunneling in superconductivity; Carl H. Rosner, founder of
Intermagnetics General Corporation (Latham, NY), manufacturer of the superconducting magnets at the heart of
the Philips MRI systems; Richard Hitt of Hypres (Elmsford, NY), who drove the development and demonstration of
superconducting electronics prototypes; Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam of SuperPower (Schenectady, NY), a pioneer in
the development and commercialization of high temperature superconductor wire; and Dr. William Sampson of
Brookhaven National Laboratory (Upton, NY) for his work in designing and building superconducting magnets for
particle beam accelerators. (A full list of the honorees is included here.)

In its centennial year, superconductivity is not only driving important advancements in key industries such as
energy and health care, it has emerged as a significant presence in New York’s high tech economy. GE, Philips,
SuperPower, Hypres and Cryomech, Inc. are just a few examples of companies working on superconductor
technologies in New York State. The State is also home to several universities and research laboratories such as
Syracuse University, Brookhaven National Lab, Alfred University, SUNY Binghamton and the College of Nanoscale
Science & Engineering at the University at Albany, which have research programs driving superconductor
technology forward. Their work is supporting key advancements in areas including the Smart Grid and renewable
energy applications to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems for health care.

"As we celebrate the centennial anniversary of superconductivity, today's Summit showcases an emerging
technology sector taking hold all across New York State," said Kathleen Amm, MRI Technology & Systems Leader at
GE Global Research. "New York State's legacy of excellence in superconductor technology has helped define its
first 100 years. We're even more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the superconductor field to
become an even greater economic force for our State in the years to come."

“Superconductivity, as science, technology, and business, has had a foundational home in New York State,
encompassing major discoveries, major technology initiatives, and significant manufacturing and business activities
from both large and small corporations,” said Elie K. Track, President of the IEEE Council on Superconductivity and
Senior Partner of Hypres, Inc. “It is fitting and rewarding to see the Centennial of its discovery marked by the State
in this Summit and Hypres, Inc. is delighted to be part of this event.”

“As the applications of superconductivity expand from the low temperature regime of MRI for healthcare to
devices that operate at higher temperatures, we are seeing the important benefits that can be achieved from
superconductivity in a wide range of other applications such as energy, in particular,” said Traute Lehner, Sr.
Director of Marketing at SuperPower Inc. “Much of this work is enabled by the superconductor wire being
produced in Schenectady, New York and shipped to companies around the world engaged in developing these
clean, green and smart new systems. SuperPower is proud to be part of New York State’s high tech community.”

To learn more about the New York State Superconductivity Summit please visit:

Official summit program

Superconductivity is the ability of materials to conduct electricity with zero resistance, or loss. Superconductors
also have the ability to exclude magnetic fields and are limited by the fact that they only display these properties at
extreme cold temperatures. This technology area has long been a mystery to many scientists and has led to five
Nobel Prizes, the most for any specific area of condensed‐matter physics. Superconductors are the cornerstone of
technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

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