Related Organizations


AMMTIAC - Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Testing Information Analysis Center > 
Tthe DoD Center of Excellence responsible for acquiring, archiving, analyzing, synthesizing, and disseminating scientific and technical information related to advanced materials, manufacturing, and testing (AMMT).
CCAS - Coalition for the Commercial Application of Superconductivity >
A Superconductivity Industry Association formed in 2002 as a non-profit corporation to help accelerate commercial development of the superconductor industry. The mission of CCAS is to provide one voice on public policy issues of common interest to the superconductor industry in the United States.
CSA - Cryogenic Society of America, Inc. >
A non-profit technical society serving all those interested in any phase of cryogenics, the art and science of achieving extremely low temperatures — almost absolute zero.

IEA - International Energy Agency/High Temperature Superconductivity >
The High-Temperature Superconductivity Agreement enables the collaborative assessment of the impact of advances in high-temperature superconductivity on the electric power sector and the Agreement provides a forum for the exchange of information, perspectives and outlooks among its members.

ISTEC - International Superconductivity Technology Center (Tokyo, Japan) >
Japan's leading non-profit superconductivity association.

New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST™) >
A rapidly growing, industry-led, private-public coalition of entrepreneurial, academic, corporate, and federal partners building a vibrant, world-class advanced battery and energy storage sector from R&D to commercialization based in New York State. >
A non-profit organization involved in gathering and disseminating information about superconductivity.

Superconductor Science & Technology Journal >
published by the Institute of Physics, a not-for-profit learned society.
Superconductor Week >
Newsletter covering the news of the industry.

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