SuperPower Announces New World Record Performance in Second-Generation HTS Wire

SuperPower Announces New World Record Performance in Second-Generation HTS Wire

  • SuperPower Achieves New World Record Performance of 150,100 amp-meters in its 2G HTS Wire

Tsukuba, Japan – SuperPower, Inc. today reported a new world record performance in the amount of current that can be carried by its second-generation hightemperature superconducting (2G HTS) wire. A 790 meter single piece length of wire with a minimum critical current value of 190 A/cm resulted in the new world record of 150,100 ampmeters that was reported by Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam, vice president and chief technology officer of SuperPower, at the International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS 2007) in Tsukuba, Japan to an audience of more than 650 superconductivity experts from 19 nations around the world. This world record performance is a 46 percent improvement over the 102,935 amp-meter performance announced by SuperPower in January 2007. Amp-meter is a common measure of HTS wire performance achieved by multiplying critical current-carrying capacity inamperes by length in meters. 

Dr. Selvamanickam said, “by continuing to push the limits in wire length and critical currentcarrying capacity, our dedicated staff of scientists, engineers and technicians has once again been able to prove that our 2G HTS wire can meet the needs of the various organizations around the world that are developing new devices for a wide variety of applications, from energy technology to transportation, to high energy physics, to medical applications, and others.” 

Other highlights shared during Dr. Selvamanickam’s presentation to the ISS 2007 audience

1.         Ten wires with a complete 5-layer buffer stack have now been produced in lengths greater than 1,000 meters. A good in-plane texture of 6 to 7 degrees was achieved reproducibly in all 10 tapes with an excellent uniformity of about 2%.

2.         Thick film MOCVD technology has been scaled up in the Pilot MOCVD system to produce 155 meter long wire with a minimum critical current of 320 A/cm at a speed of 70 m/h with 4 mm wire. Critical current uniformity over the 155 meters was 2.5%. MOCVD is the system used by SuperPower to deposit the YBCO superconductor material onto the buffer layer.

3.         We have now shipped a variety of configurations of SuperPower 2G HTS Wire™ to more than 35 customers around the world, several of whom have placed repeat orders. All wire was purchased at market price. 

Additional detail about these announcements can be found in Dr. Selvamanickam’s presentation

SuperPower, Inc. is a subsidiary of Philips Medical Systems MR, a division of Royal Philips Electronics NV, following Philips’ November 2006 acquisition of Intermagnetics GeneralCorporation. SuperPower was formed in March 2000 by Intermagnetics to provide a strong focus for the development and commercialization of HTS technology for the energy technology and other sectors. To learn more, visit 


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