SuperPower presents HTS wire portfolio at SuperConducting City Exhibition, 2011 Hannover Messe

SuperPower presents high temperature superconductor wire portfolio at SuperConducting City Exhibition in the 2011 Hannover Messe


·        Wires offered in variety of widths and thicknesses to suit multiple applications

·        Superconductor composition adaptable to benefit various application requirements

·        Post-processing options include insulation and high quality joints


April 4, 2011 - Schenectady, NY – SuperPower  announced that it will again participate in the 2011 Hannover Messe SuperConducting City Stand.  The focus of the SuperPower exhibition is its state-of-the-art second-generation high temperature superconductor (2G HTS) wire that can carry up to one hundred times as much current as conventional copper wire.  SuperPower 2G HTS wire is the enabling component for many energy efficient and power dense devices, each of which can require unique wire specifications.


“The unique manufacturing techniques adopted by SuperPower allow for a number of ways to customize the wire for applications that have differing requirements,” said Arthur P. Kazanjian, general manager at SuperPower.  “Our wire is produced in a base 12 mm width that can, after the basic processing is completed, be slit into widths of 3 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm.  We are also able to vary the thickness of our superconductor material to increase the wire performance.  The thickness of our stabilizers, silver and copper, can also be varied, depending on the needs of the end application.”


Other variations of SuperPower wire include two substrate thicknesses:  the 50 micron variety is suited for most applications and contributes to the high energy density that allows for devices that are considerably smaller and lighter than conventional devices, and the 100 micron variety that is uniquely suited for use in the fault current limiter due to the highly resistive substrate material. 


Traute Lehner, senior director of marketing and government affairs at SuperPower, who will be in attendance at the Hannover Messe, added, “Since 2010 SuperPower has also been offering a new wire composition called “Advanced Pinning,” or AP wire that exhibits super performance at various temperatures from 77K down to as low as 4K and in various magnetic fields.  This is especially important in the quest to bring down the cost of devices that incorporate HTS wire, as less of this high performance wire will be required to achieve comparable performance levels. “


This superior current carrying capacity of HTS wire is clearly of interest to a wide range of technologies, including, in particular, the generation, transmission, distribution, transformation and storage of energy.  Devices such as underground power cables that employ HTS can carry 3-10 times the amount of electricity as conventional copper cables.  HTS transformers are more efficient, smaller, lighter and safer.  Fault current limiters (FCL) protect the grid from disturbances such as lightning strikes, downed trees and animal interference.  Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) systems store power from renewable sources such as wind and solar for those times when additional power is in demand but not necessarily being generated.  HTS generators for use in wind turbines and other applications benefit greatly from the reduction in size and weight enabled by the power density of the HTS wire, as do motors that incorporate these superconductors. 


Further options offered by SuperPower to enhance wire usefulness for the differing applications include insulation with polyimide wrapping available in both 0.025 and 0.050 mm thicknesses, as well as joining of wire segments to produce very long length wires with low resistance and high quality joints and splices


Superconductors, when cooled to a critical temperature, lose all resistance to the flow of electrons and are, as their name implies, perfect conductors.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductors in 1911 in Leiden, the Netherlands by Heike Kammerling Ohnnes.  The critical temperature of these early superconductors, now known as low temperature superconductors, or LTS, was reached at about 4 Kelvin.  Cooling to this temperature is achieved by the use of liquid helium.  Seventy-five years later, in 1986, the class of superconductors that is now called high temperature superconductors or HTS, was discovered in Switzerland by Bednorz and Mueller.  The critical temperature of HTS is around 77K, a temperature that can be reached by the use of liquid nitrogen, a significant distinction when considering cooling needs.


SuperPower Inc. of Schenectady, New York, began its development of HTS in 2000.  In 2002 SuperPower produced its first one-meter length of 2G HTS wire, proving the manufacturing process that includes electropolishing of a metal substrate, deposition of a series of buffer layers, addition of a thin layer of rare earth-based superconductor material,  and addition of silver and sometimes copper stabilizers.  Since that time, SuperPower has scaled up its manufacturing process so that today production is completed in greater than kilometer-length ‘tape’ segments with regularly increasing critical current, as measured in amperes. 







Traute F. Lehner, SuperPower, Inc.

Tel:  (518) 346-1414 ext. 3070



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