"The ability of superconductors to sustain persistent currents has been well exploited with (RE)BCO superconducting bulks, which can be magnetized to form a compact source of high magnetic field. However, thin films can also sustain persistent currents, ...(by) stacking them in layers to create a type of composite bulk. ...commercial (RE)BCO tape from SuperPower ... (was) stacked together and magnetized ... (and) outperformed the bulk at temperatures below approximately 60K. The Jc thermal and mechanical properties ... give them great potential for use as trapped field magnets activated by pulsed magnetic fields."

A. Patel, S.C. Hopkins and B.A. Glowacki
University of Cambridge
2013 Supercond. Sci. Tehnol. 26 032001
“I would like to thank SuperPower for providing this promising conductor which offers an opportunity to create record high fields. I am hopeful of many more exciting results to come in near future and believe that we are making a difference."

Ramesh Gupta
Superconducting Magnet Division
Brookhaven National Laboratory
“The low thickness and high level of flexibility of superconducting wire that is produced by SuperPower have been key in the development of CORC cables by Advanced Conductor Technologies. The Advanced Pinning that SuperPower now incorporates into their wires has allowed us to increase the in-field performance of our cables to a level that allows them to be applied in the next generation of high-field magnets."

Dr. Danko van der Laan
Founder, Advanced Conductor Technologies LLC
University of Colorado & NIST
“We had a short window of opportunity to install HTS magnets on the Golem tokamak. SuperPower responded quickly to meet our requirements for HTS tape and the experiments – using HTS magnets for the first time ever on a tokamak - were successful, despite the tight deadline. It was possible to wind the HTS magnet in situ and relatively easy to fabricate the current feeds. Crucially the HTS tape stayed superconducting during plasma pulses and performed at least as well as specified in all respects. We are looking forward to our next experiments with higher field HTS magnets on a tokamak."

Dr Mikhail Gryaznevich, Tokamak Solutions
Dr Ziad Melhem, Oxford Instruments
January 11, 2012

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