Quality Assurance

SuperPower is committed to produce and deliver reliable products with superior performance and high quality that meet the requirements from all our customers. We are equipped with various types of testing systems, most of them custom-built, for performance and quality testing and quality inspections, particularly for the critical current and mechanical strength measurements of our 2G HTS wires. We are also partnered with our sister company within the FEC group and with external institutes for in-field critical current measurements.

TapeStar for reel-to-reel non-contact Ic(77K, s.f.) measurement (with high spatial resolution).
Reel-to-Reel transport measurement system for Ic(77K, s.f.) and n-value.
In-field transport measurement of Ic at a field up to 2T and at a temperature between 77K and 30K. (full width, short samples)
In-field Ic measurement systems at FEC (Nikko, Japan)

System #1: 4.1K, up to 8T//c, (full width samples)

System #2: 4.1K, up to 17T//c, (full width samples)
XRD system for microstructural analysis
Mechanical and electromechanical testing system for the measurement of mechanical properties and the Ic responses to various mechanical loads at 77K in liquid nitrogen.